Golden Lion Society

Penn State’s Most Loyal Alumni

Penn State donors are a distinguished group of people, but perhaps the most extraordinary are those in The Golden Lion Society.

The Golden Lion Society represents a group of the University’s most loyal supporters—alumni who have given to Penn State for at least four consecutive years or every year since graduation.

It sounds pretty exclusive, but it doesn't matter how much you give—what matters is that you've shown your dedication.

Member Stories

Below, you can read the stories of some of our dedicated Golden Lion Society members and learn why they give back.

Peter Tombros
Kenny and Melissa Krott 
Krishna Nadella

Making a Difference

To learn more about how your gift to Penn State makes a difference, visit our website’s Faces of Philanthropy section, where you can read about some of the many Penn Staters who were able to pursue their passions through your gifts!

Additional Information

To learn about our other giving societies, visit our Honoring Donors overview page.