Alumni & Friends

Penn State alumni and friends express their dedication to the University year after year through generous contributions at all giving levels. Whether recently graduated, many years retired, or somewhere in between, Penn Staters find a way to give back in a meaningful way.

Friends of the University may not hold a Penn State degree, but they hold Old State in high esteem and want to do something to show their support.

Together, alumni and friends enhance the University experience for all of us.

Recent Graduates

Young alumni make a difference. By making a gift to the school or program that means the most to you, you can help ensure that tomorrow's students have the same opportunities you did.

The Golden Lion Society

Recent graduates have the opportunity to become members of an elite group of Penn Staters known as the Golden Lion Society. Golden Lions are alumni who have made a gift to the University every year since graduation. It doesn't matter how much you give—just that you make a gift each year. 

Philanthropic Leaders

Those who have created endowments at the University or made major gifts can view past editions of The President's Report on Philanthropy and Endowments by going here.