Areas to Support

Philanthropic support for Penn State students, faculty, research, and programs has always been a part of our University’s foundation. And with the continued partnership of our alumni and friends, we can fulfill our historic mission to serve the public good and create a better future for our students, the Commonwealth, and the world.

This is the mission of A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence. With an overall goal of $1.6 billion, this campaign invites Penn State’s alumni and friends to become our partners in fulfilling the three core imperatives of a public university:

Open Doors

We will ensure that each student, regardless of heritage, individual characteristics, or financial well-being, has access to a timely degree and a true Penn State experience.

Create Transformative Experiences

We must distinguish Penn State through transformative experiences that go beyond the classroom, through a global perspective, readiness for the growing digital revolution, and an even deeper commitment to the arts and humanities.

Impact the World

We propose to become the leader in food, water, and energy security, ensuring that these resources are abundant, affordable, and safe; to tackle fundamental challenges associated with human health and well-being; and to realize our potential as a driver for economic development, job creation, and student career success.