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Visionary Giving Opportunities—The Big Ideas

One of the primary goals of For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students is to generate enthusiasm and transformative philanthropy for several of our interdisciplinary and multi-college initiatives. Our academic leaders have selected a number of centers, institutes, and programs to be presented as key enterprises—our Big Ideas. These are collaborative initiatives that demonstrate particular strength or great potential at Penn State.

Featured here are the first six of the Big Ideas:

Over the course of the campaign, the University will separately introduce each Big Idea to our leading donors and volunteers, asking for commentary as well as suggestions of individuals who may have an interest in supporting the idea. Each one will have a Presidential White Paper and a letter of introduction. The hope is to receive substantial endowments and significant support, not only from our dedicated alumni, but possibly from donors with no prior affiliation with the University.

The Big Ideas represent the high caliber of research and teaching taking place at Penn State, as well as the University’s capacity for addressing some of society’s greatest national and international challenges.