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Areas to Support

Higher education today presents more opportunities for learning, innovation, and experience than ever before. In an age of declining public support and rising costs, private philanthropy is essential for sustaining the quality of a Penn State education and for making its benefits available to all. This site will give you a comprehensive view of the opportunities for philanthropic support that now exist at Penn State.

For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students

Keeping a Penn State education affordable for families of modest means by increasing scholarship support is the campaign’s top priority.

At its heart, this is a campaign for Penn State students—to enable the next generation, and all the succeeding generations, of our graduates to realize their full potential as individuals to sustain their families, advance their professions, and contribute to our country’s strength. It is also a campaign to enable Penn State to realize its full potential as an institution to create prosperity, keep our nation competitive, and enhance quality of life.

All of the campaign’s goals, listed below, are directed toward a single vision: Advancing the frontiers of learning at the most comprehensive, student-centered research university in America. Please join us as we embark upon the most ambitious fundraising campaign in Penn State history.

Scholarships: Ensuring Student Opportunity

Students with the ability and ambition to attend the University will have this opportunity through scholarship support.

Enhancing Honors Education

Students of exceptional ability will experience the best honors education in the nation.

Student Life: Enriching the Student Experience

Students will thrive in a stimulating atmosphere that fosters global involvement, community service, creative expression, and personal growth.

Building Faculty Strength and Capacity

Students will study with the finest teachers and researchers.

Research: Fostering Discovery and Creativity

Students and faculty members will come together within and across disciplines to pioneer new frontiers of knowledge.

Colleges, Campuses, & Programs: Sustaining a Tradition of Quality

Students will continue to work and study with faculty whose scholarship is enhanced by continuing philanthropic support.