The Penn State Faculty Endowment Challenge

Matching support for rising academic stars

Students choose Penn State for the opportunity to work with faculty members who can stimulate their own potential to succeed, and our reputation as an institution depends upon the achievements of our faculty and their commitment to both creating and sharing the knowledge that shapes our world. Academic institutions compete not only with each other, but also with business, industry, and government for this kind of leader and endowed funds can make the difference.

A named position or fellowship is a prestigious honor, and the resources that are made available to the recipient are even more important. By providing additional funds for research projects and course development, faculty endowments allow academic stars to take their scholarship to the next level and integrate discovery and teaching.

The University is currently able to offer endowed positions to just 9 percent of our tenured and tenure-track faculty members. To ensure that our University can compete for the scientists, scholars, and educators with the greatest potential to contribute to our institution and our nation, Penn State is partnering with our alumni and friends to create new funds for faculty during the critical first ten years of their careers.

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