Central Administrative Offices

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Office of Annual Giving

Mailing Address:
27 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802-1500

Physical Address:
2583 Gateway Drive, Suite 200
State College, PA 16801

Phone : 814-863-2052 or toll free 1-888-800-9163
Fax: 814-865-8755
E-mail: AnnualFund@psu.edu

Jenny Daigle Benoit, executive director, jdd41@psu.edu

Mike Cipriani, director, Lion Line, mjc158@psu.edu
Clifton Colmon, associate director of development, analytics, cwc119@psu.edu
Angela Connors, annual giving specialist, aic5383@psu.edu 
Heidi Cornwall, administrative support assistant, hec5049@psu.edu
Ashley DeBaro, assistant director, aed44@psu.edu
Geoff Hallett, assistant director, gdh15@psu.edu 
Iris Held, data manager, ieh2@psu.edu
Alexandria Housel, receptionist, axs383@psu.edu
Alissa Janoski, assistant director, amj5402@psu.edu
Kathy Kurtz, associate director, klk13@psu.edu
Juliann Peters, database specialist, Lion Line, jmp5072@psu.edu
Mark Rudloff, associate director, direct mail, mer12@psu.edu
Kathleen Shondeck, assistant director, kmh19@psu.edu
Mindy Terpak, administrative support assistant, Lion Line, mbl2@psu.edu
Lori Witherite-Zellers, annual giving specialist, lkw113@psu.edu
Mary Wombacker, annual giving specialist, Lion Line, mkw5117@psu.edu 

The Office of Annual Giving administers the Penn State Annual Fund, which is the direct mail, phone (Lion Line), and e-communication operation of University Development, focusing primarily on alumni and friends of the University who give up to $50,000 per year. Efforts are highly centralized, allowing college and region-based development officers to focus on gifts above the $50,000 level.


More than 100,000 alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff made gifts to Penn State through the Annual Fund last year. For the tenth year in a row, Penn State has more alumni donors than any other university in the country.

Each year, contributions to the Annual Fund from generous Penn Staters enable the University to make great strides toward excellence in every area and discipline. Annual support may take many forms and may be directed to any college, campus, or program. Because of the generosity of alumni and friends, Penn State continues to make life better through teaching, research, and service.

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Office of Annual Leadership Gifts

2601 Gateway Drive, Suite 175
State College, PA 16801

Kristin E. Consorti, Assistant Director of Annual Leadership Gifts
Christina Foley, Assistant Director of Annual Leadership Gifts
Ashlee Kochik, Development Assistant
Alexandra Varajao, Assistant Director of Annual Leadership Gifts
Loretta Zeth, Assistant Director of Annual Leadership Gifts

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Commonwealth Campuses Central Development Office

Seven Old Main
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-8328
Fax: 814-865-5522

Dale DiSanto, Executive Director of Development
7B Old Main, dad23@psu.edu, phone: 814-865-8328, cell: 814-880-8294, fax: 814-865-5522
Wanda Barlett, Development Assistant
7G Old Main, wjb39@psu.edu phone: 814-865-5523, fax: 814-865-5522
Rachel Breon, Administrative Assistant
7H Old Main, rdb28@psu.edu, phone: 814-865-8326

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Corporate and Foundation Relations

17 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-4308
Fax: 814-865-6468

Mark S. Armagost, executive director, msa17@psu.edu

Kathy Addleman, development assistant, kla9@psu.edu
Beth Colledge, director of corporate relations, bac39@psu.edu
Adrienne Krasowitz, assistant director of foundation relations, ajk68@psu.edu
Wendy Oakes, associate director of corporate relations, wso5012@psu.edu
Eric Reinhard, associate director of foundation relations, emr124@psu.edu
Jonathan Thurley, director of corporate relations, jgt11@psu.edu
Heather Winfield, associate director of foundation relations, hbw11@psu.edu

Penn State's Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) is available to assist organizations assess opportunities for collaboration with the University and investing in our people and programs. CFR creates a bridge for partnerships with the University, while acting as a one-stop resource for corporations and foundations in need of knowledgeable faculty and staff, talented students, high-tech facilities, and opportunities for philanthropic support of activities that make a difference.

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Development Communications

2601 Gateway Drive (Bristol II)
Suite 350
State College, PA 16801
Phone: 814-867-0569
Fax: 814-867-2166

Ray Marsh
executive director, rcm18@psu.edu
Eliza Albert-Baird
writer/editor, eaa51@psu.edu
Gregg Baptista
writer/editor, gsb139@psu.edu
Jenn Bauer
marketing research specialist, jlp5170@psu.edu
Cathy Carlson
associate director and senior writer/editor, cac34@psu.edu
Alison Foster
administrative support assistant, alp122@psu.edu
Courtney Gatzemeyer
production coordinator, cev13@psu.edu
Mark Golaszewski
senior multimedia designer, mug39@psu.edu
Kaitlin Hedberg
associate director of engagement strategy, krb225@psu.edu
Nicolette Hylan
writer/editor, njh14@psu.edu
Amy Packard Ferro
public relations manager, awp13@psu.edu
April Scimio
creative director, ajs4@psu.edu

The Office of Development Communications maintains a comprehensive communications program for the Office of University Development. Our responsibilities relating to communicating the mission of the University's fundraising initiatives to our donor constituents include:

  • Writing and editing all major fundraising materials, including high-level gift proposals, for the University
  • Developing a range of publications, including a University-wide newsletter and the President’s Report on Philanthropy and Endowments
  • Producing informational materials and advertising
  • Preparing and reviewing news releases and gift announcements
  • Creating and directing development-related websites and e-communications

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Office of Donor Relations and Special Events

2601 Gateway Drive, Suite 300
State College, PA 16801-3213
Phone: 814-863-4300 or toll free 1-855-249-0222
Fax: 814-865-7115
E-mail: specialevents@psu.edu

Kris Meyer
executive director, klm31@psu.edu
Chrissy Castles
associate director – special events, ccc13@psu.edu
Lisa Carper
administrative support assistant lmc71@psu.edu
Laura Carson
stewardship officer, lmc5050@psu.edu
Gail Driban
assistant director – stewardship, gjm15@psu.edu
Lori Ebert-Tyworth
associate director – stewardship, lme7@psu.edu
Julia George
associate director – recognition, jkg19@psu.edu
Kate Ginnard
administrative support assistant kmg73@psu.edu
Abby Hopkins
associate director – stewardship, amh143@psu.edu
Danielle Pelipesky
special events planner, dlp22@psu.edu
Amy Pollock
associate director – special events, amp29@psu.edu
Shannon Rice
administrative support assistant, snr5037@psu.edu
Mya Swires
associate director - special events, mrp15@psu.edu
Michelle Schafer
assistant director – suites and ticket accountability, mls61@psu.edu
Melissa Thomas
administrative support assistant, maz11@psu.edu
Kerry Tolton
assistant director – stewardship, klr187@psu.edu
Dawn Weiss
administrative support assistant, dxw65@psu.edu

Private giving makes it possible for Penn State to touch people's lives through its teaching, research, and service to the community. It also makes all the difference in the world to students of limited financial resources who receive scholarships and graduate fellowships and to faculty who are leading the way in our classrooms and laboratories and making valuable contributions to our society.

Our office is here to serve as a resource to alumni and friends relating to their philanthropy to Penn State. We strive to understand and serve our contributor's interests in the University. We encompass four major areas:

  • Donor Cultivation
  • Donor Recognition
  • Donor Services
  • Donor Stewardship

Our mission is to cultivate, recognize, serve, and steward our donors through programs, events, and proper accountability in cooperation with other units and departments in order to help the University meet its fundraising goals and ensure its viability as one of the leading land grant institutions.

The University's preeminent individual giving recognition clubs — the Mount Nittany ($250,000 lifetime giving), Laurel Circle ($1 million lifetime giving), and Elm Circle ($5 million lifetime giving) societies — reside in our office.

We manage the President's Report on Philanthropy and all endowment reporting, and coordinate special events for University Development, the Office of the President, and the Board of Trustees.

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Donor and Member Services

2583 Gateway Drive
Suite 130, Bristol Place One
State College, PA 16801
P: (814) 863-4862 |Toll Free: 877-888-5646
F: (814) 865-7089

Lori Baney
Executive Director, Donor and Member Services, llb1@psu.edu
Tina Cigich
Assistant Director, Donor and Member Services, tqc2@psu.edu
Wilma Aungst
Accounting Supervisor, Donor and Member Services, wja2@psu.edu
Deborah Hill
Associate Director, Donor and Member Services, dak4@psu.edu
Ashlee Tate
Senior Administrative Data Specialist, Donor and Member Services, amj174@psu.edu
Erin Baker
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, elb5035@psu.edu
Melanie Barton
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, mmr17@psu.edu
JoEllen Campbell
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, jec4@psu.edu
Janet Cherry
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, jlc8@psu.edu
Lee Conte
Associate, Donor Member Services Gifts/Pledges, ylc1@psu.edu
Robert Cross
Associate, Donor and Member Services Membership/Biographical Records, rac7@psu.edu
Missy Garvin
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, mrg67@psu.edu
Tammy Golden
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, tqg2@psu.edu
Charlene Harpster
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, cmh236@psu.edu
Molly Irvin
Associate, Donor and Member Services Membership/Biographical Records, mkk6@psu.edu
Rose Lyons-Spicer
Associate, Donor and Member Services Membership/Biographical Records, ras30@psu.edu
Cynthia Mock
Associate, Donor and Member Services Membership/Biographical Records, cxm901@psu.edu
Bobbie Montresor
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, blc108@psu.edu
Buffy Ripka
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, dqr4@psu.edu
Alanna Smith
Associate, Donor and Member Services Membership/Biographical Records, ads31@psu.edu
Jodi Snook
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gift Matching, jms1235@psu.edu
Corie VonGunden
Associate, Donor and Member Services Gifts/Pledges, cac20@psu.edu

The Office of Donor and Member Services records, receipts and acknowledges Penn State's donors in a timely and accurate manner. The office also handles the recording of major pledges, sending of pledge reminders, the processing of credit card gifts and gift matching forms. We also handle the updating of non-alumni records (parents, corporations, foundations, etc.) on the Alumni/Development database. We enjoy working with all of the colleges, campuses, and units in helping them process gifts for their respective areas.

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Office of Gift Planning

103 Innovation Blvd., Suite 212
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-0872 or toll free 1-888-800-9170
Fax: 814-865-0893
e-mail: giftplanning@psu.edu

Mike Degenhart, assistant vice president for gift planning, mjd33@psu.edu

Terri Assael, assistant director, tlj10@psu.edu
Jennifer Bamer, administrative support coordinator, jbm22@psu.edu
Lori Carozzoni, gift planning officer, lac325@psu.edu
Keith Cook, director of gift planning, kwc3@psu.edu
Ali Delozier, administrative support assistant, ams646@psu.edu
Heide Gibson, gift planning officer, hug23@psu.edu
Heather Gummo, administrative support assistant, hdg10@psu.edu
David McGoron, assistant director, dmm587@psu.edu
Andrea K. Mitchell, gift planning specialist, ack131@psu.edu
Nichole Peters, administrative support assistant, ned3@psu.edu
Christina M. Reese, administrative support assistant, cms97@psu.edu
Pat Roenigk, Esq., director of individual gift planning,plr4@psu.edu
Jeanne Sallade, assistant director, jms1006@psu.edu

The Office Gift Planning is the central office responsible for the cultivation, solicitation, design, and administration of planned gifts. In addition, the office offers assistance in outright gifts of specific assets.

Our staff is experienced in gift planning and understands the importance of philanthropy as a part of a successful overall estate plan. We are available to assist donors and their advisers as they consider the many opportunities available. Our goal is to present donors with options and to help them make the best choice possible. We accomplish this by ensuring that gifts express donors' interests in the University, and maximizes the benefits the donor and the University receives from the gift.

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Information Systems

Steve Neeper
executive directorsdn2@ddar.psu.edu
Thomas Anderson
programmer/analyst, tda10@psu.edu
Tracy Bowman
programmer/analyst, txb14@psu.edu
Jesse Brown
IT consultant, jcb388@psu.edu
Sharon Bywater
programmer/analyst, seb9@psu.edu
John Confer
programmer/analyst, jhc1@psu.edu
Michelann Diehl
programmer/analyst, mxd198@psu.edu
Kurt Eck
IT consultant, kme17@psu.edu
Nick Gephart
network specialist, nag3@psu.edu
Kevin Gilkey
IT consultant, kmg30@psu.edu
Amy Grattan
IT trainer, abg3@psu.edu
Michael Gustine
programmer/analyst, mdg14@psu.edu
Daniel Hansel
IT consultant, dth139@psu.edu
Wendy Hanson
database specialist, wmh10@psu.edu
Valerie Hendricks
programmer/analyst, vjh3@psu.edu
Susan Kolonay
database specialist, slk35@psu.edu
Tammy Kurtz
administrative support assistant, tlb28@psu.edu
Gene Merritts
programmer/analyst, rem33@psu.edu
Chris Reese
programmer/analyst, car191@psu.edu
Donna Sabol
IT manager, djs64@psu.edu
Elizabeth Saxon-Giles
programmer/analyst, eps13@psu.edu
Lynne Shala
programmer/analyst, ldg105@psu.edu
Daniel Sickels
manager, network and information systems, dps140@psu.edu
Mark Stocku
programmer/analyst, mws114@psu.edu
Christa Williams
programmer/analyst, clh20@psu.edu

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Office of Principal Gifts

116 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-6159
Fax: 814-863-7520

Glen Jack, assistant vice president, gwj2@psu.edu

Peggy McMullin, assistant to the assistant vice president, mxm476@psu.edu  
Karen Michel, administrative support coordinator, ksm15@psu.edu
Amy Miller, administrative support assistant, arm2@psu.edu  

Penn State’s Principal Gifts program is designed to focus attention on prospective donors at the highest levels—those capable of making transformational gifts. It is not necessarily about a specific level of giving, but these gifts are generally thought of as $5 million or more.

Principal Gifts strengthen Penn State’s mission by encouraging gifts that can literally transform parts of Penn State into nationally or internationally prominent entities. The Schreyer Honors College and the Presidential Leadership Academy are examples of both extraordinary generosity and compelling vision.

The staff in the Office of Principal Gifts works across all colleges, campuses, and units connecting benefactors with senior academic leaders and the University President to facilitate the dialogue that allows philanthropic ideas take shape. The Office of Principal Gifts also works closely with the Office of Gift Planning to ensure that our benefactors can structure their gifts in ways that fit their overall tax and estate planning.

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Office of Prospect Tracking

12 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802-1502
Phone: 814-863-3353
Fax: 814-863-6258

Denise Brooks, associate director, drb2@psu.edu
Dee Ann Abrashoff, administrative support assistant, dua12@psu.edu
Nancy Norris, administrative support assistant, nxf4@psu.edu

The purpose of the Prospect Tracking and Management System is to enhance the cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major gifts (both outright and planned) from individuals, corporations, and foundations by providing a consistent and comprehensive platform to: foster communication, coordination, and teamwork; facilitate progression through the fundraising cycle; and document activity.

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Office of Research and Analytics

12 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802-1502
Phone: 814-863-4302
Fax: 814-865-2965

Kelly Snyder, executive director, kas1@psu.edu

Christine Adams, senior research analyst, cda11@psu.edu
Mike Bratton, administrative support assistant, msb27@psu.edu
Terri Buchignani, senior research analyst, tlt180@psu.edu
Billie Jo Glasgow, administrative support assistant, bjg21@psu.edu
Brent Laskowski, associate director, bdl110@psu.edu
Kim Leynes, senior research analyst, kjn104@psu.edu
Marybeth Lieb, senior research analyst, mxo102@psu.edu
Grace Long, senior research analyst, gel907@psu.edu
Phillip Manning, associate director for analytics, pjm294@psu.edu 
Mary Osborn, research associate, mzo100@psu.edu  
Jana Saupe, senior research analyst, jes81@psu.edu
Lisa Spicer, administrative support assistant, las61@psu.edu
Rebekah Stout, senior research analyst, rlm62@psu.edu
Stephanie Wagner, senior research analyst, srs156@psu.edu
Kendra Yoder, senior research analyst, kky1@psu.edu


Research and Analytics provides relevant, quality information and analysis to development officers to assist them in building lifetime donor relationships with our alumni and friends.

Our role is accomplished by:

  • Proactively identifying potential donors and indicating their ability, access, and affinity.
  • Providing analysis of information gathered on prospects and working with development staff to determine the best strategies for moving forward.
  • Tracking the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship activity of our prospective and current donors.

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The Office of Talent Management

102B Old Main
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-867-2415
Fax: 814-863-6258

Cheryl M. Kaplan
director of talent management, cmk6@psu.edu
Sara Cremonesi
recruiting specialist, sxc511@psu.edu
Drew Kovacs
associate director of talent management, ack114@psu.edu

The Office of Talent Management is responsible for identifying and recruiting exceptional professionals to work in our division and to coordinate all training and professional development programs. Recruiting and retaining top notch employees is crucial to advancing the University’s overall mission of teaching, research and outreach to alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations. Advancing our current employees’ professional growth through enhanced training programs is another important aspect of our responsibility.

Our office also coordinates the Division’s summer intern program. Helping students to learn about and consider fundraising as a career option will help us build the pipeline of professionals interested in philanthropy and higher education.

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