Gifting Physical Securities (Certificates) Registered in Your Name

If you hold stock certificates, please send them via first-class mail without an endorsement or assignment letter but with a letter stating the gift purpose to:

The Pennsylvania State University
Office of Gift Planning
212 103 Building
University Park, PA 16802

Attention: Terri Assael

In a separate envelope, send one endorsed stock power form per certificate (click here to download the stock power form). The unendorsed stock certificates are not negotiable without signed stock power forms, and the latter are worthless without the certificates. Using separate envelopes protects you from security theft.

Endorse each stock power form by signing your name exactly as it appears on the front of the stock certificate(s). If the certificates are all in the same name, only one stock power form is needed. Do not complete any other portions of the stock power form.

Mail both the certificates and the stock power forms on the same day. The postmark will determine your date of gift for valuation.

Click here for a few important reminders.