The Trustee Matching Scholarship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are need-based scholarships a priority?

Over the last three decades, rising costs and declining state support have placed an increasing burden on students and families. Today, many undergraduates work multiple jobs while carrying a full course load, yet students are graduating with an average educational debt of more than $33,000. These financial realities are restricting the dream of too many students and families.

What kind of students benefit from Trustee Scholarships?

More than 4,000 students received Trustee Scholarships last year alone, and they have important qualities in common:

  • They are academic achievers, with an average GPA of 3.39.
  • They have demonstrated financial need (a typical recipient comes from a household in which both parents work, earning just under $50,000 per year and with savings of less than $7,000).
  • More than half are the first generation in their family to pursue a college degree.

How can I take advantage of the program’s matching component to help students in need?

There are two ways to earn a University match for your support:

  • Create your own Trustee Scholarship endowment with a gift of $100,000, payable over five years. Penn State’s development staff can help you to structure your gift to target the undergraduates with whom you feel the deepest connection. 
  • Make a gift to one of the general Trustee Scholarship funds that Barnes and Noble has established for each of the University’s colleges and campuses. Your gift will be pooled with those of other donors, and it will earn a 5 percent match (the rate in effect at the time these funds were established).

How can I learn more about the Trustee Matching Scholarship Program?

You may contact development staff for any of Penn State’s colleges or campuses, or you may call or email:

David J. Lieb
Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations