Faculty Support

Endowed faculty positions are among Penn State’s most important resources for developing and sustaining a strong faculty. Such positions provide honor and recognition for the men and women who hold them, but they also provide something more important: a stable, dependable source of income for special teaching and research materials, library acquisitions, salary supplements, and travel assistance.

Dean’s Chair/Chancellor’s Chair: $5,000,000

The endowment of a dean’s or chancellor’s chair represents a landmark commitment, ensuring that the most visible and important positions in colleges/campuses are held by distinguished and talented leading scholar-educators.

Department Head Chair: $3,000,000

This gift provides flexible support for departmental leadership in the form of strategic investments that benefit not only the individual professor, but also the teaching, research, and service of the entire department.

Faculty Chair: $2,000,000

Typically conferred upon the most distinguished scholar-teachers, the endowment of a chair provides a professor with resources to continue promising research and programs, helping departments to attract or retain top faculty who are esteemed as mentors, direct important initiatives, and contribute significantly to the University’s mission.

Professorship: $1,000,000

An endowed professorship offers resources necessary to pursue new lines of research or innovative teaching methods, ensuring the stability and strength of our academic programs and allowing Penn State to encourage new levels of achievement among its most promising faculty.

Early Career Professorship: $500,000

This endowment offers early recognition and additional support for outstanding young University faculty. It is designed to rotate every three years to a new recipient, and it offers deans and campus executives the opportunity to recruit and retain rising academic stars.

Through the Faculty Endowment Challenge, donors can leverage a 1:2 match from the University to establish new early career professorships in any of Penn State's academic units with a commitment of $334,000.

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