Graduate Student Support

Penn State graduate students are tomorrow's leaders in education, business, science, engineering, the arts, and other professions. At Penn State, doctoral students collaborate with faculty on research while serving as instructors and mentors to undergraduate students. Advancements in promising areas of knowledge that are the future of the colleges, the University, and the nation begin with graduate students.

  • Graduate fellowships provide indispensable financial support that assists Penn State in its efforts to recruit the brightest students and allows those students to focus even more intensively on their studies.
  • Graduate research awards assist graduate students as they develop research projects that have the potential to transform their fields.

Graduate Award: $20,000

Award endowments allow donors to recognize the extraordinary achievements of Penn State students and encourage new levels of academic excellence.

Graduate Research Funds: $50,000

Research endowments have the potential to yield tangible benefits beyond the University and are particularly vital in nurturing the work of junior faculty — researchers who may hold special promise and vision, but may face difficulty in acquiring funds from conventional sources.

Graduate Scholarships: $250,000

Research is an integral part of any graduate education. With their combination of energy, curiosity, and ambition, graduate students focus upon small details, ask probing questions, and pursue new innovations. Donors can create endowments to support graduate research at Penn State with travel funds, thesis grants, and awards.

Graduate Fellowships: $400,000

Competition for quality doctoral students is intense, and high quality students are increasingly discerning in their choices of graduate institutions. In this environment, graduate fellowships help Penn State to recruit and retain the most capable, creative, and innovative advanced-degree candidates. Covering tuition and basic living expenses, fellowships ensure that graduate students remain focused on their studies rather than the cost of education.

Distinguished Graduate Fellowships: $400,000

Awarded to the most outstanding applicants across the University, these fellowships are among the most competitive forms of aid available to Penn State’s graduate students. Distinguished graduate fellowships double the impact of privately endowed funds by partnering endowment returns with permanently allocated University resources. They take into consideration the graduate student's talent and need, the benefactor's wishes, and the college's needs.