Undergraduate, Destiny, and Enrichment Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships: $50,000

This type of endowment offers donors the opportunity to shape a scholarship that expresses their passions and values by indicating multiple criteria for recipients: rewarding student leaders or academic achievers from a particular community, for example, or supporting students in a preferred major who also share other aspects of the donor’s background.

Destiny Scholarships: $50,000

These scholarships help Penn State fulfill its land-grant mission by assisting students who are unlikely to enroll and remain at the University without significant financial support. They are awarded to first-generation college students who show clear academic promise.

Enrichment Scholarships: $50,000

By supporting underrepresented groups of students, this scholarship helps Penn State to create a vibrant and diverse academic community in which all individuals — regardless of ethnicity, gender, or other personal characteristics — can achieve their full potential.