Lion Line Telefund

Calling All Penn Staters…

Lion Line is Penn State's highly regarded telefund organization. One of the premier calling centers in the nation, Lion Line student callers contact alumni, parents and friends on behalf of Penn State's colleges, campuses, and programs.

As an integral part of the University's advancement efforts, Lion Line callers add their own personality and style to Penn State's broad outreach to alumni and friends. Our students love talking to everyone in the Penn State family, thanking donors personally, and keeping you connected with the University. No matter if you were just up for a football weekend or it’s been 50 years since you’ve been back to your campus…we want to talk with you!

If you receive a call from a student on behalf of the Annual Fund, take the opportunity to find out how things have changed since you last visited Penn State!

If you would prefer to make a gift online, please use our online giving form.

If you are a student interested in working at Lion Line, please visit our Lion Line employment information page.