Enhancing Honors Education

I was accepted at top universities up and down the East Coast, but choosing Penn State and the Schreyer Honors College has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have had incredible opportunities to do research as an undergraduate, and my ‘brain-bending’ honors classes have made me think about issues at a completely new level. I have had phenomenal teachers and mentors, and through events like the Faculty Colloquium, I have met inspiring leaders in every walk of life. Where else could I have done all of that?
Amarpreet Ahluwalia (shown center) is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major with minors in Chemistry and English.

Students of exceptional ability will experience the best honors education in the nation

The very best students are at the heart of any academic community. They encourage both faculty and other students to push themselves to new levels of understanding and achievement, and they represent an institution’s potential for excellence to the larger world. For more than a decade, the Schreyer Honors College has attracted outstanding students from throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, and all of Penn State has benefited from the innovative educational models and national attention generated by our honors programs. As colleges and universities compete for the nation’s highest achieving undergraduates, we must increase the scholarship support available while at the same time striving to keep our offerings at the cutting edge of honors education.

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